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About Orchard Lake Woodlands I

Orchard Lake Woodlands was developed in the late 1970's as a premier residential community. It continues to be an excellent place to live, with stable home values, top-rated schools and city services second to none. When the homeowners association was formed bylaws and binding covenants were put in place to ensure the on-going integrity of the neighborhood. While each homeowner is responsible for their own property, the rules governing allowable alterations and additions are designed to protect and maintain the cohesiveness of the neighborhood. Please visit these links to view information on the Orchard Lake Woodlands By-laws and other issues regarding fences, additions, etc .

If you are a new resident of Orchard Lake Woodlands, we would like to know about it! Please Contact Us and let us know where you live. You will be contacted by a board member who will come to your house with a welcoming package of information regarding our sub. If you have any questions about the area, we will be happy to answer them!

Annual Dues

annual-duesIn order to maintain our commons areas and retention pond, an annual maintenance charge is assessed according to the Association Bylaws.  These fees are due on the first day of the fiscal calender year of June 30th.  In compliance with the Association Bylaws, homeowners have until July 31st to pay these maintenance charges before late fees will be assessed.


Blight Control

garbageThere are rules within the City Code of Orchard Lake Village that prohibit outdoor storage of junk cars and junk, trash and debris. Vehicles must be properly licensed and in running condition. Garbage can be placed out on the curb no earlier than 6:00 pm on the day before collection.

If you have a neighbor that you feel violates these rules, we encourage you to attempt to speak with them about the problem. If this approach does not work, you can call the Zoning Division at 248-682-2400. You will be asked to give the address at which the suspected violation has occurred and a description of the problem. A zoning inspector will investigate.


Link to City of Orchard Lake Village website: http://www.cityoforchardlake.com/index.html


Fences, Building Additions, Swimming Pools, etc.

Orchard Lake Woodlands Architectural Committee has the responsibility for reviewing all plans for landscaping, building additions, swimming pools, fences, etc. The purpose of the review is to insure that the plans for proposed construction are in keeping with the restrictions governing the use of the land within the community. The by-laws state, in short, that no such addition be made until the plans and specifications have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Association.

Plans and specifications showing the alterations that wish to be done must be submitted in writing to the Architectural Committee. Our architectural review board member will then contact you should further information be required. You can contact the Board at board@orchardlakewoodlands.com for further information regarding this process.

The Committee and/or Board will render a decision regarding the proposed alterations within 30 days. The City of Orchard Lake Village also requires permits to be issued for any such alterations. Please refer to their website http://www.cityoforchardlake.com/index.html for further information.




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